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Friday, November 30, 2012

Winter Walk #2 Printed Organza Overlays

 OK, so now I try arranging the organza silk and cheesecloth pieces on the printed surface.
The organza and cheesecloth has been screen printed in browns / reds / and black.
The Thermofax screen is adapted from a photo I took of a lilac hedge in Harlotown, Montana.
I gotta say, I hate the way this looks (above).  Lame.
 Then I decide I need to make it look like there is some perspective here, and I liked the way 
scrub brush was arranged in a wandering line in Winter Walk #1, so I try to make that happen here.
It is much trickier, though in this tall narrow vertical format.
Looking at it - I get the idea that the grass in the distance should be lighter, foggier.
So I try that out by putting a piece of unprinted organza across the top. (below)

Better - I feel like I am making progress. 

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