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Friday, November 29, 2013

Sorting in the Studio

 Fall is a transitional time for me.  My outdoor activities are limited these days.....the weather is chilly - even cold some days.  We've had some snow and it is time to settle into a studio routine once again.  This is a difficult time for me.  My big looming deadlines have been met and now it is time to turn my attention to doing some work that is meaningful and satisfying.  So.....what would that be?

Will I find a solution in my scrap drawer?  Sometimes that is a good place to begin.  So, I open it up and start sorting scraps out on the work table.  Here are some of the piles.

 I've also found some pieces I have started and then abandoned.  A few of those go into the garbage - something I have been rather ruthless about the past few months.  Time to clear out and make room for fresh new work.  This piece was an experiment - a study of color and value with hand dyed fabric and block printing done a couple of years ago.  It is about 70 x 18".  I put it on the design wall and take a picture. 
I don't really see this one going anywhere........I hate to discard that much fabric, but I am not sure it is any better if I cut it apart......  


tiedyejudy said...

Oh, my.... I get the part about 1) needing the transition - this time of year my shows are done and I have time to do a little experimenting on new things, and 2) trying to go through the massive fabric stash to bring some order to the chaos. But my heart breaks to hear you talk about trashing some of your pieces, even if they don't speak to you right now! Do you have a quilters' group near by that might be able to make them into a usable quilt, maybe for a shelter or senior home? It just seems a shame to waste them!

Yvonne said...

Please don't abandon it.
I think it has lots of possibilities but I do think I might be inclined to cut it or at least to fold it first before actually making the cuts.

Leslie McNeil said...

it would be wonderfully done {i think} with free motion couching with a multi-colored yarn or cord?! it's really quite pretty... {but i do get what you're thinking -- been there --- done that!}

lost in space said...

I love it! I see a mysterious cross and its reflection. I'd take it off your hands :)