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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Sandhills of Nebraska

 On our way home from Illinois last month, we drove through the Sandhills of Nebraska.  The Sandhills National Landmark covers about 1/4th of the state of Nebraska.  It is a giant sand dune that is covered in native grasses which are sustained by the Oglala Aquifer - a massive underground water body.  Very little of this grassland has ever been cultivated.
 We were racing against the sun to get to our destination - Valentine, Nebraska, so we didn't stop to take pictures of the vast grassland.
 Joe snapped these images out the window as I drove.  The light was very low and the colors were amazing (maybe the pictures don't do it justice).  It was sort of surreal.


Jan said...

I live in eastern Nebraska, corn country. I love to visit the Sandhills at different seasons. I think they are one of the loveliest places in the USA. Many people however would only look at their vastness and not the beauty within the vastness.

Cynthia St Charles said...

Jan, I am afraid my pictures do not do it justice, but we really loved the Sandhills. We drove quite a few extra miles just to include this in our trip. It would be fun to be able to spend more time in the area!