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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cutting Table and Design Wall

Here is a view of the design wall and cutting table /  work surface.  I designed the work table base so that there would be sufficient leg room for people to be comfortable while sitting here on bar stools.  I have one bar stool that I purchased to test my theory and I will eventually add more.  The bar stools come from Target and I am hoping for either a sale or I will pick one up now and then to add to the space.  At this point - I don't need more than the one for myself.

Eventually, I think I may be teaching in this space or facilitating the Artists Way group here.  This work table was designed and built with multiple purposes in mind.  I could even entertain in this studio!  Come for coffee?   I am very happy with the way the work table turned out.  It measures 49 x 97" and is 36" high.

The design wall is 14 ft x 8 ft.  I built a framework of 2 x 4s behind it and the Styrofoam insulation panels are covered in black flannel with Velcro strips on the back to hold them in place on the 2x4s.  The wall here slants at a sharp angle behind the design wall and I built a shelf out of 2 x 4s for stability and storage.  It is a large area and I could store a great amount of bulky stuff behind the design panels.  I thought it would be easy to remove the panels to access things behind the design wall.  However, I am not sure how well the velcro and panels are going to hold up to repeated removal and replacement.  I will have to reinforce them if I am going to be accessing the storage behind frequently.  At this point, I don't need the space, though - so there is nothing stored behind and the panels are going to stay put.

Black design wall?  The one at my home studio is white.  But I have it covered with a black sheet!  I realized I like working and photographing with a black background, so that is what I installed here.  I only hope the light doesn't cause it to fade too quickly.  Time will tell!

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Crystal Griffith said...

Beautiful studio Cynthia! You can stop the fading issue by dyeing white fabric black with Procion dyes. They are all pretty fade-fast and you can always re-dye later if needed!