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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sewing Room New Studio

 The main components of the sewing room are now in place.  Design wall, ironing table and sewing table are all built in.  2x4 construction on the sewing table and ironing table.
Eventually, the sewing machine will be dropped down into the table so it is a giant level sewing surface (49 x 97).  I brought my old Janome 6500 in to see if I can be content with it.  So far I have only been reminded of how much I dislike sewing on it.  In my home studio, I primarily use a Juki 98Q.  In fact, I have pretty much worn the Juki out and was already considering purchasing another one.  They run about $700, so very affordable.  I still contemplate a sit down quilter, as well, not yet sure what will become permanent in this sewing area.  I don't want to cut into the work table until I am certain.  Once the hole is cut - it is a long term commitment.
I am thrilled with my giant ironing table that is built into this window nook.  It measures 73 x 42"  I covered plywood with aluminum foil, then a couple of layers of batting and finally wrapped on some upholstery twill that I've had for a decade or so.  Staple gun was my tool of choice for this project.  I will eventually build a giant shelf or two under the ironing table to store rolls of fabric and batting.  I am not doing that until I decide exactly what supplies will be taking up residence in this space so I can customize the storage dimensions.

By the way - I did all this construction 100% by myself.  Nobody else - except I did pay someone to carry the 49 x 79" sheets of melamine up two flights of stairs.  So heavy and way too big and awkward.

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Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

You are a wonder-woman! What a great feeling it must be to know you can do all this construction for and by yourself!