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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Denali Bus Ride - Wet, wet, wet.

 There is only one road into Denali National Park.  Visitors cannot drive (except to Teklanika Campground).  One must ride these school buses into the park to see wildlife or mountains, etc.  This was my third time doing this trip.  It was by far the WORST experience I have ever had riding one of these buses!  It was a steady drizzle all day long.  There was not much visibility outside the windows.  We would stop occasionally for restroom breaks.  Everyone piled off and got wet, and when they came back in the windows would get all steamy.  Totally fogged in, and they stayed that way.  School buses do not have a way of defogging passenger windows.  No way to see anything.  The road is rough.  The bus is uncomfortable and crowded with steamy people.  We saw a little wildlife.  But not much.  I would have to say that this was by far the worst part of our trip.  Trapped for an entire day inside a foggy bus on a rough road with a bunch of strangers and an obnoxious bus driver.

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Elisabeth Bourdet said...

Cynthia, You must have had a very bad experience that day, since you are always very positive. I hope that was the only bad day. Enjoying sharing your trip.