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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

New Studio Paint Progress

I've been working steadily at creating an inspiring work environment in a commercial office building (which I am co-managing with my daughter).  This space was left trashed by the previous tenant and I spent a lot of time cleaning, repainting, etc.  I chose bright cheerful colors for the walls.  This seemed like a big leap of faith.  I tried to just listen to my internal voice and ended up with some pretty random wall colors.  These are not colors I have in my home or any other space......

Window treatments (above) are made from cheesecloth.  I purchased a huge bolt of 60" wide cheesecloth years ago.  I have not been using it in my work, so was glad to have it available for the window treatments.  Who knew it could be so effective?
After shopping around and not finding what I wanted as a work table, I decided to build one myself using 2x4 lumber.  It turned out very sturdy.  I put wheels on it and painted it purple.  Stay tuned to see how it looks with the top added.

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