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Thursday, April 23, 2009

April Village

This village scene was drawn with Elmers Glue Gel and painted with Pebeo Setacolor Opaque fabric paints last fall. It has been curing since then and I have done a number of village scenes similar. I really like the colors in this piece - they really pop for me. I've not removed the resist yet. This one is really large - about 60" square. I thought I ought to do something different with this one, particularly since it is so large - I decided to add some block printing to create texture and dimension.

I am trying not to over react, but I am not really very pleased with the outcome so far. I've not done anything with the green grassy areas yet, but I will also block print those.

I know from experience - not to get too attached (for the good or the bad) to the the appearance of the piece at this point in the process. When it is washed to remove the glue gel - the appearance will be significantly altered. . . . . and then there will be the quilting - which also has a significant impact.

So, even though I am not liking it right now - I am optimistic that somehow or other, there will be improvement as things progress. . . . Or maybe this will be one that will end up being cut up for smaller pieces . . . or used as a quilt back. You'll see it again. Stay tuned!


Judy Alexander said...

I absolutely love your work and can't wait to see how this piece evolves.

Clevelandgirlie said...

Hi Cynthia. After reading about your Elmers Glue Gel (a month or so ago) projects I immediately invested in three bottles (it's hard to find here.) I've been gelling for two weeks now and am currently drying a little piece outside. How FUN that is. I invested in a bunch of Dye-na-flo dyes and am just having so much fun. I'll be posting about it soon.
Thanks for the inspiration.