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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yellow Headed Blackbirds

The blackbirds had arrived in force and I enjoyed seeing (and hearing) them during my visit to my parents' ranch near Coffee Creek, MT.

They filled the big trees and shrubs with their chatter.

I had not seen these Yellow Headed Blackbirds before. Red Winged Blackbirds were common when I was growing up, but these are something new for me.

Very interesting how they group together - the Red Wings along with the Yellow Headed and a few plain black ones.

These all appear to be males. The females are brown, and they didn't seem to be in this flock. Are they all sitting on nests somewhere? It seems too early and way too cold for that!


Anonymous said...

Cynthia, Very nice pics of the yellowheaded blackbird, up the So. Fork in Cody area we get lots of these. They are really fun to watch but do not seem to stay like the redwinged blackbirds do. Jeanne

Laura Krasinski said...

THese are great photos Cynthia.... I have never seen one of these outside a book before..