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Friday, April 17, 2009

Binding, etc. - Finishing Touches.

I feel very strongly that the binding is a very important component. I really like doing bindings. I love being able to cut off the raggedy edges and crop the image until it looks just right and I like my bindings to look just right, also. The binding is like the frame on a painting.

When I was ready to begin binding the Calico Hills series, I found a fabric in my black and white drawer that I really liked. However, the light color did not blend well enough with the colors of the work. I decided to remedy this by painting the binding fabric with the same paints I had used on the quilt background.

Above, you can see the fabric as it looked before painting, and I have draped a bit of leftover binding over it so you can see the impact of adding the paint.

Below are three of the smaller pieces that have come out of this series.

Calico Hills 3 (above) is 12.5 x 15". I have sewn shards of ancient pottery to each of these pieces.

Calico Hills 2 is one foot square.

Calico Hills 1 (above) is 12 inches square.

I'll post the large piece when I finish sewing on the binding and embellishments.


Anonymous said...


These are absolutely wonderful; they tell a story and "look" like they come from your part of the world but yet they are distinctly your voice.

Sylvia in Texas

Joyce said...

I absolutely love this series! You have captured the feel and colors of rock paintings. The quilting accents them perfectly and I love the pieces of rock sewn on.

Donna said...

This series is my favoroite of all the ones I've seen in the past few years. The painting techniques give a great effect and the compositions are intereesting. Great job!

I saw your pieces hanging in Chicago this weekend. You always have nice photos on the blog, but the quilts were even better in person. My favorite was the one with the birds.

Judy Alexander said...

This is a great series. Colors and design are a perfect match. Your blog is so informative. Thanks for sharing.

ArtPropelled said...

My heart raced when I first saw these. Wonderful series!