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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cropping the Yellowstone Valley Piece

As I mentioned yesterday, I have known all along the proportions of this piece were all wrong. I started out with a screen printed mountain scene that I wanted to work with. It had a little bit of sky and I added to that a bit. Then I realized it needed something more below the screen printed mountain scene so I added a piece of batting and fused some pieces of naturally dyed fabric to that. I just went with the size batting I had on hand and decided I would crop away whichever part needed to go when the time came. Now the time has come. Something needs to happen because it looks "less than" with the mountain scene going right through the center. In the image above, I have cropped away half of the grass foreground, creating a piece that really emphasizes the "big sky".
I  am also contemplating cropping it vertically to create a different orientation. I am even considering making it into two pieces that will hang side by side.
Here it is with some of the sky cropped away. This brings the piece into a different perspective. It places the mountain valley off in the distance.
Finally, this image crops away a bit of each the sky and the grass foreground, creating a wide, narrow piece with a totally different feel.



Louise in SW Saskatchewan said...

Each of those versions has its merits. Have fun making a decision!

HollyM said...

Very tough choices. I rather like all of them, although I think I would stick with it in one piece, but that's just me.

knutty knitter said...

Two pieces can be good. I've done this with a badly proportioned piece and the improvement was enormous.

Interesting choices :)

viv in nz