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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Travel Log Tuesday - Lava Beds National Monument

This is the entrance to Golden Cave at Lava Beds National Monument.
It is a very tight opening. You have to watch your head as you descend the ladder.

The floor of Golden Cave is covered in rough lava. Many places it is necessary to stoop to pass through an passage way. This cave has some loops. We actually got lost for a while and it was kind of scary. We really did not have enough light - just our headlamps which were inadequate in this very dark cave.

The reason this cave is called Golden Cave - is the yellow green or golden colored fungus that grows on the lava rock. It happens to grow here because it is just the right environment for it - temperature, humidity, and darkness are all factors in the environment for the fungus.


Dahn said...

I love your walks and accompanying description of where you have been. Living in the Yukon I also get to do some terrific walks/hikes, so I enjoy reading about your trips. This one at the Golden Caves however would NOT be for me. Look at that steep ladder! I am hyperventilating just looking at it!And you got lost?! Forget it. :-)

Cynthia St Charles said...

It was an adventure, for sure! Your comment made me laugh out loud! Thanks!

Dahn said...

Hey, whatever floats your boat. But I can't believe you smiled through this one. What a trooper. :-)