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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Starting a new piece - Sunset

 For my next piece in the collaged / block printed series (I really need to get a better name for this series), I wanted to do something to represent a sunset.  We get incredible sunset views at our place.  Our home is elevated above the Yellowstone Valley floor and we have a good view to the west.  I have always enjoyed the sunset colors and so I started pulling orange, yellow and purple hand dyed fabrics from my stash. 

I felt the first one was not successful, so I redid it in a vertical orientation.   It still does not look like a sunset to me. 
Then, while driving into town during a sunset, I realized the problem was that I needed to create something to orientate the sunset.  A horizon line.  Duh!  I pulled off all the fabric pieces again and replaced them.  Ahhhh . . . . .much better.  So, I pinned the fabrics in place.  This one has the backing on as well.  I am going to try zig zagging all three layers together at once.                                          


Laurie @ ... And In My Spare Time I Quilt said...

Whatever you name the series, I'm enjoying watching your creative process. Can't wait to see what you do with this piece!

Jeannie said...

As Laurie said, whatever you call this series, I am really enjoying it. I love the color palette you chose for your sunset.

tiedyejudy said...

Yes!!! The last one gives a definite impression of the Sunset!