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Monday, July 12, 2010

Bannack - First Territorial Capital

We recently visited Bannack - the first capital of the territory of Montana.

The town was established in 1862, after gold was discovered in Grasshopper Creek. Word of the gold traveled fast and soon the town swelled to 3000.

As the gold ran out . . . people left and the buildings remained.

Most of the buildings have new roofs, but the walls have survived 140 years.

Some of the buildings were very well built for the era.

This area of little shacks is referred to as "Bachelor's Row".

This beautiful bluebird landed on the roof near us for a few moments.

This building is jokingly referred to as the "Governor's Mansion". It was, in fact where the territorial governor and his wife lived - there was no other place for them to live.

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tiedyejudy said...

This reminds me of Bodie, a mining ghost town on the east side of Calif. Very picturesque!