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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pioneer Mountains

Low Larkspur - in the Pioneer Mountains.

Montana is a big state and there is a lot to see.
Even though I am a 4th generation native - there is much of the state I had never seen before.
We decided to explore the Pioneer Mountains in the south west corner of the state.

We drove west to Butte, then turned south on Interstate 15 to Highway 43 and headed west until we reached Wise River, where we turned onto the Pioneer Mountains National Scenic Byway.

We had planned on camping, but the mosquitoes were so thick and it was getting dark. We stopped, instead at Elkhorn Hot Springs, where we rented a room for the night. This place is for sale, and it is pretty run down. Our breakfast was great, though.
The Dogtooth Violets, also known as Yellow Fawn Lily, Adder's Tongue and Glacier Lily - were in bloom everywhere. Lovely.

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