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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chokecherry Inspiration

This little group of chokecherry trees grows just outside our windows to the east. This is a tree/bush that survives the tough environment we have here at our place. I am sure they were planted by Mother Nature. We hang a bird feeder here. The deer nibble the lower branches, creating a lovely silhouette.

This has inspired a series of tall narrow panels, which I am working on right now.
This group is planned for a large wall in my dining room.
The fabric is hand dyed and block printed with Setacolor fabric paints.
I have my sewing machine set up for free motion quilting and I am trying to get a bit done whenever I have a chance.
The birds are just pinned on. I really don't want Blackbirds - I have been trying to get a good picture of a Red Crossbill to use for creating a Thermofax screen.
Another cropped view of my inspiration.

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Deanna said...

I love this new quilt! The trees, birds and vertical format... I love how you did the one panel gold and the others are are different. Can't wait to see it finished.