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Friday, July 9, 2010

Crystal Park

The Pioneer Mountains in southwestern Montana is an area rich in precious minerals and stones.
Crystal Park, located on National Forest land is a place for citizens to retrieve crystals legally.

Crystal Park is in a lovely location, high in a mountain meadow.

It was overcast and comfortably cool when we arrived. The mosquitoes were pretty dense, so we were glad we were comfortable in long pants and sleeves.

The crystals are embedded in the ground, and people have been digging for them for many years, so the ground is pretty rough. We did a lot of our searching on the top - since it had rained recently - some smaller crystals were sparkling and caught our eye.

We saw people who were digging 12 feet down. We talked to others who tapped into a vein of the red clay/stone that contains the crystals - some of which are amethysts.

We found quite a few smaller crystals in a few hours. I am happy with what we brought home.

These are small enough to go onto a piece of art. The largest one is probably an inch long.

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