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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Backyard Waterfall

I Built it Myself!Last summer, I built this waterfall with rocks collected from our property. Joe helped me haul the rocks, but I put it together, and then, we built the bench together.
This spring I stained it and I think it looks terrific with the iris in bloom.

This is a wonderful focal point in our yard.
We have been entertained daily by the antics of the chipmunks and birds.

I also feel very blessed (and surprised) that my four Comets have survived for over a year in the pond at the base of the waterfall. They have probably tripled in size and appear to be vigorous and healthy.


tiedyejudy said...

Your waterfall is wonderful! I would love to put something like that in our yard for the birds!

Anonymous said...

Love your waterfall.I was wondering what you did in the winter. Do you shut the pump off? Did your goldfish survive a winter yet or do you bring them inside? I want to make something similar. Thanks Bill

Cynthia St Charles said...

I do shut the pump off because it gets very cold in Montana winters. I have kept the water from freezing by adding a stock water heater (about $15 at a livestock supply store). The goldfish survived this way the first winter. Then, they were eaten by racoons the next spring! So, I replaced the goldfish and they were eaten again. I no longer keep goldfish in the pond. Last winter my stock water heater failed and the pond froze. The pump was in there and it froze also. It works great though. The pumps at Lowes and Home depot are not very good - they kept breaking. I finally ordered one online with a foam filter attached and this has been going 3 years now. I LOVE my waterfall.