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Friday, August 6, 2010

Bearcreek Pig Races

Bearcreek Saloon and Pig Races
Bearcreek is a tiny spot in the road about 1 hour from Billings. It was a mining town originally, but the mine closed long ago.
I heard about the Bearcreek Saloon many years ago from a friend who loved
going there for dinner and the pig races.
We finally made plans to get there to see what it was all about.
We discovered this place is very popular with bikers! The food was good - I had a steak that was cooked just right, tender and tasty.
The pig races start at 7 pm., with another race starting every 15 minutes. The race itself will last about 10 seconds! The pigs are released and run around the ring to the grain that is waiting at the end of the ring.

The money collected from the betting goes into a scholarship fund.

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Victoria said...

We have a place in Red Lodge and visit every year (when it isn't being used by others).. we pass through Bearcreek often and have seen the sign for the pig races but haven't ever been to them... will have to go the next time we're in town! Nice write-up and photos.