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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Petrified Wood Series: Fabric Design

Developing a new series.

The next phase of fabric design for this piece is block printing.
I chose hand carved blocks in leaf and bark textures.
Below is the printed fabric.
I layered the fabric with batting, Peltex and backing and did simple quilting lines.

Then, I cut the quilt up into 2.5 x 3.5" rectangles, which I finished with a zig-zag, followed by a dip into some interference acrylic paint.
These small pieces are intended as the foundation for the petrified wood chips.

More on this piece later. . . .

Meanwhile - I have to get some other work ready for ARTfusion in Bigfork, MT. They have sold a third piece of my work this summer and I need to replenish - so off to label and make hanging systems for more . . .

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elle said...

I must tell you that I have been following for a while. I enjoy your posts and your 'eye'! Thanks for sharing your process. It is wonderfully enlightening. Your work is so inspiring.