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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Timberline Lake - Beartooth Mountains

Our group arrived at Timberline Lake a bit breathless but enthralled by the view!
We paused for a group picture, then wandered down to the lake to eat lunch and fish a bit.

The fishing was fun - the Brook trout were hungry.
They were also very small. We would have kept some for dinner if they had been a bit larger.
They would grow a bit if the population could be reduced.
If we were camping, we surely would have had plenty for dinner.

The lake lies right at timberline - thus the name.

After lunch and fishing - everyone (except me) found a napping rock.

The cirque consists of Silver Run Peak at 12500 feet, and Silver Run Plateau.

It was a beautiful day and we lingered at the lake for several hours before heading back down through the burned forest to our car.

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marjolijn said...

What a wonderful photo's. This must be relaxing and inspiring as well.
Marjolijn (from The Netherlands)