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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sunpainting - New Inspirations

I was so inspired by our trip into the Petrified Forest. We saw leaf fossils and picked up tiny shards of petrified wood. I want to do a series inspired by that trip.
First step is designing the fabric!

The piece above was a rather unsuccessful pink piece that I overpainted.
Below, I began with white cotton and saturated it with paints. I was planning to create something resembling the leaf fossils and wildflower colors we saw in the Petrified Forest.
I used Setacolor Transparent fabric paints.
I gathered leaves from my yard and placed them on the wet fabric as the sun came up over the hill. . . .

Less than an hour later, the fabric was dry and I could remove the leaves to reveal the prints.

Tomorrow, I'll show what I did next.

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